Transcendence – Part 2 – Health, Wellness and Technology

Transcendence – Part 2

Live life beyond the Ordinary

Episode 2

Overcoming Fear & Stress

Could living in a state of fear and stress be contributing to illness? Is there a link between stress and cancer? Can you heal your body through controlling your mind and breath?

In this episode, these questions and more will be answered, plus you’ll learn:

  • How stress became the health epidemic of the 21st century
  • Simple lifestyle techniques to take control of fear and anxiety
  • How breath expert Wim Hof uses the power of breathing to see his body achieve impossible feats
  • Chris Wark’s story of beating cancer through breaking negative thoughts and emotions, and using the power of nutrition
  • The effects of stress on the body, inhibiting the immune system, down-regulating genes, and limiting the body’s ability to use body fat as fuel
Peter Hernandez

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