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10 ways to deal with stress and anxiety

Balloons in a blue sky

Everyone experiences a some amount of stress and a certain feeling of anxiety as a normal part of life.Stress and anxiety are a result of living in an often chaotic world. Anxiety isn’t all bad, though. It makes you aware of danger, motivates you to stay organized and prepared, and helps you evaluate risks. But, […]

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Transcendence – Part 2

Live life beyond the Ordinary Episode 2Overcoming Fear & Stress Could living in a state of fear and stress be contributing to illness? Is there a link between stress and cancer? Can you heal your body through controlling your mind and breath? In this episode, these questions and more will be answered, plus you’ll learn:How stress […]

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Transcendence – Part 1

Transcendence Part 1

Life beyond the Ordinary.

Could the first step to changing your life be as simple as what you put in your mouth? Should you eliminate gluten? Can you actually heal autoimmune conditions naturally? What’s the best diet for long term health and vitality?

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